Boucherouite perfect homemade DIY carpets cleaning

 Boucherouite carpets cleaning... Forget about machines and the carpets cleaning company you know ! Here is a perfect homemade DIY rugs and carpets cleaning method, we've tried it on Boucherouite rag rugs, very easy DIY, stunning result.. Just follow our rugs' expert tips!!

 Jean-Yves Sevestre the Moroccan Berber rugs' expert/exporter and the owner of the most known worldwide e-commerce Boucherouite website on the Internet is showing us the right way to clean and maintain Boucherouite and wash any carpet with approximately zero cost. 

Actually, it is a home carpet cleaning, but seems the best carpet cleaning method ever..

Let's watch this intereting video....

 Special thanks to Mr. Sevestre for this very nice contribution.

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