BOUCHEROUITE or BOUCHARWEIT is Pronounced boo-sher-WET, it is the art of hand-loomed colorful vintage rag rugs made up out of ' clothing fabric scarps ' by village women in remote Moroccan Berber tribes, around cities like: Marrakesh, Beni Mellal and Azilal. Genuine Boucherouite rag rugs solely and exclusively originate from Morocco Atlas mountains villages.


This Video is presented by: Georgina Davidson, Interior designer.

In these, often very modest, households, the Berber women weave carpets out of discarded scraps of material. A thousand scraps of cotton, nylon and occasionally wool are woven into these fabulous decorative creations.

The contrast between the poverty of the materials used and the richness of the final composition adds to these awe-inspiring works of modern art.

Photo Credit: apshop
Until recently these rag rugs were of no commercial value, they were not even exposed by the souk shopkeepers, yet an interest has been born and has spread from Europe to the USA and Japan.

The sheer honesty of these artistic creations, their bright colors, their lyrical abstract movements and their modest prices are of great interest to the younger generation who appreciate their authenticity and aesthetic value.

These tapestries draw one into a visual dream world, where there are no pre-defined limits, where the suggested forms could continue to infinity beyond the frame.

We become stirred by such carpets, moved by the knowledge that they were never conceived as artwork, developed at the whim of its weaver and influenced by the buried memories of their ancestors. Each work has elevated, in a surprising manner, from its ethnic origins to reach an expression of universal beauty.

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